Life can be complicated and confusing, especially when a family member dies or becomes incapacitated. It is even more burdensome when loved ones have to guess about what to do. When you have a plan, your family has clarity instead of anxiety and you will have the peace of mind to know that you provided them with the road map to protect and distribute your assets as carefully as you accumulated them and to further your legacy. 

We understand that sometimes things happen and you may find yourself in a crisis situation that you did not plan for.  Our knowledge and experience is at your disposal whether you need documents drafted, assets transferred or matters litigated.   We are here to help. 

Our Promise to You

At Benjamin Katz, Esq. P.C., we will skillfully help individuals and families make decisions now so that loved ones won’t have to guess later and will help you through any crisis that presents itself.  We treat every client with patience, compassion, honesty and respect.

Let’s plan today for your family’s tomorrow!

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Very Professional

“We had a really messy situation that took too long and we turned to Benjamin to help us get out of it. Benjamin was very professional, he advised us throughout the process, while being very responsive to every request or question. We followed his advice and were able to win our case. Thanks to his aggressive approach and knowledgeable tactics we were able to quickly resolve all the issues and move on with our lives. I will highly recommend Benjamin to everyone!”
– – – S. O.

“Perhaps the best professional testament to Ben I can provide is that, while I am a practicing lawyer myself in a law firm with over 100 lawyers, when I needed a lawyer to handle my personal real estate transactions, I did not represent myself or engage one of my co-workers; I hired Ben. Those transactions went exactly how all real estate transactions should go — as Ben advised me they would, smoothly and without incident or issue.”

– – – Gregory C.

 “If you want someone that will put it all on the line for you. This is your guy.” 

– – – Brian N.

Estate Planning Packages We Offer

Will Plan


Health Care Proxy

Living Will

Durable Power of Attorney

Statutory Gift Rider

HIPAA Authorization

Guardian Designations for Minors and Pets

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Trust Plan

Pour-over Wills

Health Care Proxy

Living Will

Durable Power of Attorney

Statutory Gift Rider

HIPAA Authorization

Guardian Designations for Minors and Pets

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Medicaid Plan




Crisis Planning

  • Income & Resource Analysis
  • Goal Analysis
  • Roadmap to Qualification
  • Asset Transfers
  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Pooled Income Trusts

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I can help you develop a plan that will address both the immediate and future needs of yourself, your family, or a loved one.
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