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Major Changes in Medicaid for 2020

New Yorkers looking into Medicaid may be aware of the 60-month (5-year) look-back period imposed on applications seeking coverage for nursing home care.  What that means is that the Department of Social Services (DSS), which administers the program, will review financial records going back 5 years prior to the submission [...]

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The Child Caregiver Exception

Family members that anticipate that a parent may someday need nursing home care should consider long-term care planning and the need to apply for Medicaid to pay for that care.  Medicaid rules will normally prevent someone who has significant assets (more than $15,750 in 2020) from qualifying for benefits to [...]

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The Durable Power of Attorney: Medicaid Planning Tool

Betty Jones, a 75 year old suffering Alzheimer’s, was recently hospitalized after a fall. She broke her hip and is no longer capable, either physically or mentally, of taking care of herself or her finances. Medicare has covered most of her hospitalization and medical bills but there is a balance [...]

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Long Term Care Insurance: A Primer

Long Term Care Insurance is on my Top 5 list of estate planning tools along with a Will or Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Life Insurance.  I wrote this article in an attempt to demystify this vital estate planning tool for clients and the public. What is [...]

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