Discover the Benefits of Estate Planning and the 7 Threats You Must Avoid

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Estate planning allows you to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets, take complete control of your affairs, and gain a sense of security in an uncertain world.

Unfortunately, your estate plan and your estate itself are susceptible to a number of threats. Learn how to avoid them, and discover the benefits of estate planning, by watching our FREE on-demand virtual workshop.

During this educational workshop estate planning and elder law attorney Benjamin Katz will discuss the greatest threats to your plan and assets, including:

  • Losing access to, and control over, your assets
  • Not understanding the laws that govern your plan
  • Not understanding the threats to your assets and your plan
  • Failing to prepare for the possibility of health problems and incapacity
  • Failing to “plan when you can”
  • Trying to “go it alone” without help from qualified professionals
  • Not knowing the true costs of failing to plan

Take an important first step toward protecting the people you love and the assets you own by watching this must-see video.

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