What Is Animal Law?

Since Animal Law covers several areas of law, we would like to share some of the types of matters that we deal with.  Animal law focuses on the legal issues that impact animals, both domesticated and feral, their owners and guardians.

In Estate Planning, when the loved ones that individuals wish to plan for in case of their disability or death include pets, Pet Trusts and Guardian nominations are important tools to insure the continued care and happiness of those pets.  We can help fashion a plan that works for you.

In Housing, landlords and managing agents may seek to take advantage of individuals with service animals, companion animals and emotional support animals.  It important for you to be aware of your legal rights.  Even in buildings and developments with no pet policies, you may be entitled to keep your animals under federal, state and local laws.  You don’t have to break up your family in many cases.

When couples split, whether married or unmarried, a pet, like a child, may be stuck in the middle.  Courts in many states, including New York, have been treating pets as more than mere property when these deciding who should have ownership and possession.  Let us assist you in making sure your pets are going to the best home.

There are more than 4.5 million Dog Attacks every year in the United States.  Every state has different laws that deal with administrative, criminal and civil proceedings when these attacks occur.  Owners and guardians need to know their rights when they are being prosecuted administratively or criminally and victims of these attacks need to understand how and when they can seek damages.  We can help!

Pet Lemon Laws are designed to protect consumers from pet sellers.  Know your rights!

Aside from legal work, we also serve as a resource for information regarding dog licensing, leash Law, spay/neuter laws, abandonment and neglect of animals.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

– Mahatma Ghandi –

We assist with:

  • Dog Licensing, Leash Law, Spay/Neuter Laws
  • Pet Lemon Law
  • Cruelty, Abandonment and Neglect of Animals
  • Pet Trusts and Guardians
  • Service Animals and Access for Individuals with Disabilities
  • Companion Animals in Housing
  • Veterinary Malpractice

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